Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lesson Learned

We are going to try to implement the envelope system.
We are going to pull out cash for some of our budget categories and put those funds into their own envelope. We are using Gas, Grocery, Gift, and Blow$$$ categories so that we spend the cash instead of swiping our debit card. A lot of times, we don't realize how much we have spent until its gone and their is still stuff we wanted to buy with that money. This way when the money is being pulled out of the envelope and we see the Presidents leaving our hands, we can ask ourselves if this money is being spent wisely. I think it will come in handy for the groceries, because when I am at the store and I am heading for the checkout sometimes and I want to grab the Oreos or whatever my friend Little Debbie has just created. We will give it a try and see what happens. I know we will do good, because we feel bad when we mess up.

Thursday night, we messed up. Well, to be honest it wasn't Thursday night when we messed up, it was more like when we made the budget. Not looking ahead, we forgot to budget Halloween. We did not set aside money to finish my or Felicia's costumes and ended going over budget as a result. Felicia said it best when she that she felt bad and did not want to F*** up again. Lesson learned we need to think ahead, like Christmas is coming up and we have starting saving. We are going to budget a little from these next paychecks until Christmas comes.

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