Thursday, September 24, 2009

Handling Hiccups

Lately, we have had some weird things happen at the house that has caused us to get a little off track with the budget. In spite of these things, we have not touched our emergency fund and have just found other ways around these emergencies. Our dryer and our stove are busted. We are renting and the land lord had us call a appliance warranty company but for both appliances they claim are unfix-able and not under warranty.

We are waiting to hear back from the land lords to see what they want to do about it, but nothing yet. The dryer is a simpler problem to work around because we can take the clothes to our parents house and wash them while we visit, Felicia's mom will sometimes take a couple of loads and do them herself for us, or we can go to the laundry mat. The stove on the other hand is little more difficult especially since we don't like to cook anyway and now we have to learn to bake instead of cooking Hamburger Helper. I am kidding but when we cook it is pretty basic. We do eat a lot of Hamburger Helper, spaghetti and meat-sauce, and Doritos casserole. Needless to say we have been eating out more, but we have also used the slow cooker to make pot roast, and used the oven to bake lasagna. It has set us back a little.

We had planned to pay off our two smallest debts to get us off to a great start, but we are only sending off a payment in full for the smallest debt. We are a little disappointed but the way we look at it, we have behaved like adults and found a way around the hiccups without giving up.

A lot of our little debts, are ones that have been around for years that we have not paid anything on and we are looking at changing the debt snowball around a little. We are thinking about paying the doctor bills, and student loans first. We are still going to list them by smallest balance to largest and work through them. When all that is done then with the same intensity we are going to settle on the other debts. We are not really concerned with our credit because we messed that up a long time ago and our main concern is to work this snowball so we can be debt free.


Anonymous said...

First, having a stove out-of-commission is untenable. Get on that land-lord! If you guys are anything like us you've got to stop eating out right away. I think we would have 30-40% less debt if we had cut restaurants out sooner.

Second, Doritos casserole?! :)

the Dad
Climbing Out

Andres Aguilar said...

Dorito is a dish my step dad claims he invented. The ingredients don't sound but it is good. Doritos, cream of mushroom soup, Rotel, and cheese.