Saturday, November 22, 2008

Glad She is on My Side!!!

For a long time, we have been hunters and gatherers. We lived in the moment and when we were hungry, we went out and fed ourselves no matter the cost. We would spend an outrageous amount of money at restaurants, or going to the movies. There we plenty of times when we did not bat an eye at a dinner bill that was around $60. As we are getting older our mentality has changed a little, we are trying to become farmers.

We are looking ahead and planning for the future. We have taken the seeds of our goals and planted them, now we have to continue to water it, and make sure to give it plenty of sunlight. We will get there, like farming it takes time and patience. Felicia is turning out to be a great farmer!!!!

I am so glad I am working on this with Felicia. She is really trying hard to stick to it, there are times when I am like let's buy something to eat and she reminds me that we cannot do that. She was telling the truth when she said that now the question for dinner is, what are we going to cook and now what are we going to pick up. Any relapse can probably set us back a few months on our goals and she is keeping me in line. Right now, we are trying to decide if we should see Dave Ramsey Live or not at the end of March.

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